Not so subtle way to encourage Jr. to write. Once she saw her stories brought to life she was hooked

Legoland Trip

As a surprise Jr. and I went to Legoland for her 7th Birthday. Additionally, her cousins were also going to meet us there unbeknownst to her. At the end of each day she wtote a story about the days's adventure.

Jr.'s Short Stories

To cultivate creativity I have Jr. create short stories and I send them to a cartoonist to illustrate them.

Jr.'s Long Stories

To further develop her writing skills and undersntad the process of creating characters, a plot, etc she also is writing a long form story. On occasion she asks me to write it with her so we alternate the writing of the frames in the story...Needless to say I think the indoctrination with Legos and Ninjago is working.