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These are the comics created by other children

 Simple way to cultivate creativity. When Jr. saw her imagination brought to reality she was ecstatic. Simple steps to do the same for your child

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Josiah and Elijah

Josiah And Elijah aka 'Siah and Lijah' are Zaida's cousin that surprised her at Legoland. These are their stories

Comics 1
Comics 2
Comics 3
Comics 4


Simple way to cultivate creativity. When Jr. saw her magination brought to reality she was ecstatic. Simple steps to do the same for your child



1) Have you childwrite a short story. Story should be simple and broken into three parts:
a: Beginning
b: Transition
c: Ending


2) Create account and submit comic. Try to limit comic to a few (5) characters If you have a particular design for characters submit with comic  


3) You will receive comic in 72 hours and published online at Kids Creations

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