AKA Jr...a 7th Generation Idahoan Black/Irish Muslim. Also stories written by Z to help cultivate creativity and sharpen her writing skills. Popa and Jr is simply a way for me to capture random moments with Z. Magic Eye is a children's book by Jr.'s mother about coloboma

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Z's Creations

Not so subtle way to encourage Jr. to write. Once she saw her stories brought to life she was hooked

Legoland Trip

As a surprise Jr. and I went t...

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Book Magic Eye

Children's story about Z's first day of school and teaching her class about coloboma in a way only a child cook. Written by Zaida's mother



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Popa and Jr

The Way of Zaida aka Indoctrination by Popa. If you want you child to follow the path be sure to follow it yourself.
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